Adria's Story

Adria came to The Little Tree Preschool, a United Way Community Partner, when she was 2 years old. Her parents had sought help because Adria had never attempted to stand, much less taken a step, and she had almost non-existent communication skills. Imagine being a parent and never hearing your child speak the words “mommy” or “daddy.” Imagine wanting to simply communicate with your son or daughter, but nothing you try seems to work.

At just three months into The Little Tree’s program, Adria stood on her own for the first time in her life. Six months in, Adria took 20 steps – a milestone in her development. She was on her way and soon began using a walker to assist her steps. At 18 months into the program, Adria left her walker behind, independently making her way with her friends all the way to the playground!

One day, when Adria’s teacher had gathered everyone to share some special pictures with the class, Adria suddenly said, “Let me see!” – her very first words! Adria graduated from her amazing preschool and WALKED into kindergarten on her first day of school. Even YOU may have seen Adria marching from start to finish in the Anniston Christmas Parade. She was the vibrant little girl with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen, whose story was changed because of you!