Discover Your Future!

WorkFORCE Connections Participant Portal

Why WorkFORCE Connections?

WorkFORCE Connections (WFC) is designed to empower in-school and out-of-school youth, ages 16-24 to complete high school or obtain their GED while discovering their future in the workforce.  WFC will walk you through four connection steps to ensure you achieve your goals.  

What Will I Complete During WorkFORCE Connections ?

Step 1

• Obtain documents needed for  
   employment (as needed)
  Driver’s License, Social Security Card, 
  Birth Certificate.

• Personality and Education Assessments
   Enneagram, DISC, & ACT Workkeys

• Occupational Skills & Training

• Industry Education & Career Exploration

Step 2

• Soft Sills & Interview Skills Training
   Team, Presentation, Communication & 
   Time Management Skill

• Leadership Development Training

• Building a Personal Resume

• Explore On-the-Job Training 

Step 3

• Mentoring Day with Local Industry/
  Business Leader

• Entrepreneurial Skills Training 
   Successfully turning ideas into action

• Financial Literary and FDIC Money Smart 

• Successfully Manage Personal Finances 
   Create a personal budget, open a
   personal checking/savings account.


Step 4

• Volunteer Day at Local Non-Profit

• Post-Secondary Education or

• Schedule & Complete Apprenticeship

• Accept Apprenticeship and/or Enroll in  
  Post Secondary Education

• Prepare & Deliver WorkFORCE 
Connections Graduation Speech