A Giving Community Increases United Way's Campaign

One of the things you learn by working in the not-for-profit world is to be grateful for every gift that is given. Those gifts go beyond monetary giving. Sometimes it's a kind word of encouragement, sometimes it's donating physical items, and sometimes it's through volunteer service. However, we all know that our work cannot continue without your monetary gifts and donations.

We are excited to announce that the 2015-2016 United Way Giving Campaign ended at $913,700. This was an increase over last year's campaign which came in at just over $900,000. We realize this is a small increase, but we believe that every dollar is something to celebrate because every gift is given with the intentions of helping to improve the life of someone in need.

We are also ecstatic that our community supports our work and believes in our United Way enough to give more. We look forward to continuing a steady campaign increase each year. The invaluable support helps United Way and its Community Partners continue to deliver programs and services surrounding our focus areas of Education, Income, Health, and Basic Needs.

Thanks to EVERY ONE OF YOU who make this work possible!