The Work of RSVP Continues

You may have heard over the past months that RSVP of Calhoun County, located in Jacksonville, Alabama, had to close its doors due to state and federal funding cuts. What you may not know is that the work of RSVP is going strong and has not missed a beat!

RSVP stands for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. The program has always sought to engage our community's retirees and seniors through volunteer service. This keeps our seniors active and a part of our community, but it also provides much needed help for local organizations who would not be able to hire someone for the job. RSVP volunteers help build the capacity of these organizations, allowing these entities to accomplish things that might otherwise go undone.

United Way of East Central Alabama recognized the need for RSVP in our community, and the last thing we wanted was for these services to simply go away. United Way's Board and staff came together and made the decision to incorporate RSVP into the already exisitng United Way Volunteer Center. We felt that this was a perfect match. And, so, United Way's RSVP & Volunteer Center was born.

United Way's RSVP volunteers have continued serving local organizations through the program without missing a beat. This has also allowed for the continuation of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Sites, ran predominantly with RSVP volunteers, to continue with their free tax preparation assistance at three sites in Calhoun County. This would not be possible without United Way's foresight to step in and continue RSVP's services, and it would definitely not be possible without our wonderful RSVP volunteers who faithfully serve our community.

We are proud to welcome our RSVP volunteers into the United Way family, and together we look forward to providing our community with many years of volunteer service.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact United Way at 256-236-8229.