WorkFORCE Connections Participant Portal

What Does Your Future Hold?

For many young people, life events can put roadblocks between you and your future. WorkFORCE Connections exists to help you remove those roadblocks and start you on the road to success. Whether you have had missteps along the way or have never taken the time to work on your future career, WFC can provide the tools, training and support to assist you!

Is WorkFORCE Connections Built for You?

Do you identify with any of the following life experiences?

  •  Ages 16 – 24
  •  In or out of school
  • In need of a HS Diploma or GED
  • Having difficulty with math & reading
  • Juggling the responsibility of a child or finding a stable place to live
  • Want to earn a credential or college degree
  • Those who want careers and a better life for themselves!

What Can WorkFORCE Connections do for YOU?

  • Receive 1:1 career counseling
  • Learn to set & accomplish goals
  • Understand how to be a responsible employee
  • Develop an attitude for success
  • Receive incentives for achievements
  • On-the-job training through paid apprenticeships
  • Plan a path for career advancement

Your Connection Steps