THRIVE is an innovative collaborative partnership between local funders and service providers designed to confront the escalating mental illness crisis among the homeless, low-income populations, the uninsured, and the under-insured. This program is a direct response to the critical intersection of mental health issues with homelessness and poverty. These challenges are magnified by the higher prevalence of severe mental health disorders observed within these vulnerable groups.

THRIVE will employ a licensed mental health professional and a clinical licensed social worker who collaborate with clinicians at St. Michael’s Medical Clinic to deliver targeted mental health services for shared clients of Interfaith Ministries of Calhoun County, St. Michael’s Medical Clinic, and Martha’s Hope: The Martha Vandervoort Center to End Homelessness. Medical services will include a range of therapies, psychiatric evaluations, medication management, free prescriptions, free clinician visits, individual therapy, group therapy, peer support groups, and alternative holistic support tailored to the individual needs of our clients.






If you would like more information about THRIVE, please contact:

Kyle Bryan, Program Director
The Martha Vandervoort Center to End Homelessness